Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Studio

My studio is housed in a backyard building separate from my house.  In the winter it is heated by a wood stove, lending a deliciously inviting peacefulness.  Its my space - the place where I go to paint, to write, to dance, to sing, to pray.  Full of everything available to create, its my big playroom that keeps me balanced.

Here is a glimpse into this wonderful space.

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Pastel Pictures

Can’t you see that life is too precious
for bland, pastel pictures
faded and dulled to complacency?
Do they really capture your spirit
make it laugh or cry or sing?

I could not declare my life to be truth
if I gazed on a sweep of mountains
splashed with morning light
and did not feel the ache to share their beauty;
witness the gifts of life
without the urge to gift them again.

If I walked, as many would have it, through my days containing
all the melodies of my love
the drumbeats of my anger
the sharps and flats of my grief
I could not speak with those deep reds of passion
Shimmering blues of insight
excited oranges of curiosity
ballooning yellows of joy
or the erratic splashes of glee

If I lived with grey walls and moats and armoured heart
I would live a picture with no spirit
to be glimpsed at, then forgotten.

Copyright Kathie Bird, 1984

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