Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Naturalist

Titled, "The Naturalist" for my friend, Trista, who carries much knowledge about natural alternatives to health.  Her home, a small apartment, is alive with colorful blankets and interesting objects that convert the usual trappings of north american lifestyle to that of an older and wiser world.

Acrylic "dropper" on canvas 24 x 18"
completed April 28, 2015

The painting was done from a small digital photo source - one that Trista had posted of herself on Facebook.  I thought the photo was so exquisite - the patterns, the colors, and the cosy atmosphere - that I was inspired to create the painting.

This one was done directly from the initial sketch without an under painting.

I prepared a range of 26 premixed shades for this piece. Colors were applied with a dropper and wetly 'scumbled,' or blended in small sections of the canvas during the painting process.

I thoroughly enjoyed each part of this painting process because I had to work quickly with the paint for each section - mixing the colors in before they began to set - and then anticipating how they would actually
look when dry.